Angels, Demons, and You Conference

Join us for these 6 exciting sessions that will give you a fuller picture of God’s creation of the Celestial realm.

Dr. Bradley Maston gives a basic picture of the landscape of the angelic world.
Dr. Daniel Woodhead teaches about the Golden Chariot of God as seen by the prophet Ezekiel.
Mr. Sam Casack gives us a thorough Biblical study on the fall of Satan.
Mr. Benjamin Coleman presents the strategies of Satan – we are not to be unaware of Satan’s schemes and methods.
Pastor Jacob Heaton presents the clear Biblical reality that Jesus has all authority over the entire spiritual world.
Mr. Matthew Fehrn presents the clear nature and issues of Spiritual Warfare. What it means and what we are meant to be doing.
Dr. JB Hixson gives us a clear explanation of the spirit of the Antichrist – what Satan is doing in the world system around us.